What is a Smartphone?

What is a Smartphone?

Mobile technology is continuing to grow, what with the introduction to smartphones and tablets. People who travel or even just like to be out and about now have a means in which to keep in contact with friends, family, co-workers, and even complete strangers from anywhere in the world.

But what exactly are these devices? What is a smartphone?

In simple English, a smartphone is a high end mobile phone or cell phone. They are basically small computerized devices that happen to make phone calls. Smartphones are the combination of a PDA or personal data assistant and that of the standard communication device we call a phone.

These types of devices will usually run on an operating system that is designed for mobile computing. Currently, the two most popular of those manufacturers are Apple with their iPhone OS and Google Android with its Android operating system. Other popular OSs include RIM's Blackberry (which were the first popular smartphones, due to their usage by business professionals) and Windows own mobile OS of Windows Mobile.

Now that you know a little bit about what a smartphone is, the next question is - why are they so popular? As mentioned, the growth of smartphone usage continues, as more and more mainstream users flock to them rather than the plain old 'dumb' phones. The popularity is mostly due to the applications that users can download and install on their phones.

As with a desktop or laptop computer, mobile apps allow for people to have fun, find places, and even work on documents. These types of apps are increasingly popular as more and more workers find themselves working outside their offices while on the go; they are also great for students, who can use apps to help them study and great for the home, as there are many apps that help with grocery lists, ideas, and even weight watching and lifting.

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