Top Android Apps

Top Android Apps

To find the best android application is not a simple task, but it does not mean they do not exist. Below are top android applications.

Twitter: The android twitter application is official and adequate to everybody. The application offers a simple and easy clean method for the user to keep time line track and in upgrading the status. Android twitter application has a flashy pilfer down for free to refresh features.

Face Book application: The application is decent android application, which comes with unique characteristics namely front page side-scroll. The application can be used to scroll the picture of a friend. Furthermore, the application can pull the notification window up.

Google plus application: This is a big store of the Google store. The Google android application has all: it has a stream to show what friends are talking about just like face book. It has a Huddle. This is a simple and easy set up chat for groups. It can upload images automatically from the phone. When the Google application has been installed, one of the features will pull the user in.

Tango application: Tango application one of the best android applications which helps to chart with videos.

Handset massage application: The application is one of the top android applications. It is an application that puts messages on steroids. Handcent message application is fully customizable. The application provides options event personal settings. The application in conjunction with its new interface, the application is uncomplicated to use. The application aids Google talk, MSN, Yahoo, charts in Face book among others.

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